ISCAS is a young and creative team of engineers who specializes in modern technology and process automation.
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Industrial automatic control systems


We modernize industry
With advanced technology

We design our offer according to clients’ needs

We are a professional engineering studio specialising in performance of innovative industrial automatic control projects based on advanced technology and creative IT solutions.

Client satisfaction is always out priority; as a result we undertake the most demanding challenges and offer innovative services with the guarantee of high-level effectiveness.


    Industrial automatic
    Control engineering team

    Practical knowledge | experience | know-how

    The potential of our engineering team is based on advanced knowledge and years of experience in concept works, design and implementation of functional and modern industrial automatic control systems.

    The developed procedures and innovative approach to standard problems allowed us to create a unique know-how thanks to which we are able to guarantee:

    • the highest level of service and business communication
    • an offer which is perfectly suited to real needs and specific requirements
    • optimized solutions in the scope of a budget suited for real needs
    • consultancy and factual support at every stage of cooperation
    • prompt completion and 100% consistency of the final effect and design assumptions


    No limit automatic control

    International service

    The development of industrial automatic control has no regard for branch and territorial divisions – our services are available in the whole of Europe. Let our business portfolio speak for our unlimited abilities, there you will find, among others, cooperation in process automation projects at Norwegian oil platforms.

    automatyka  przemysłowa

    More than industrial automatic control

    Distributed systems | it projects | technical support

    Our services go beyond the standard industrial automatic control as we also offer:

    • effectiveness audits and consulting services
    • engineers and specialists outsourcing
    • integration of IT solutions with industrial automatic control systems
    • System Control Diagrams
    • building automation

    Check out the details of our offer or contact us and ask for details.

    Please let us know if you need more specific information


    Comprehensive industrial automation systems

    The benefit of our client is our mark

    We are a team of experienced industrial automation system experts and we guarantee 100% professionalism at every stage of cooperation – from the first consulting meeting to the final implementation of the industrial automation system, comprehensive service and technical handling of the investment.

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