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SIMATIC family by SIEMENS has been systematically evolving for the last 30 years and in the period 2003-2005 production of the popular S5 series was closed, however drivers from this series are still used in industrial automation systems worldwide.

Moreover the manufacturer is planning to stop supplying spare parts for the last S5 series drivers by 30.09.2015.

In such circumstances replacement of the S5 series drivers with the new S7 series products is a necessity.

Simatic drivers migrations – benefits

Service with development guarantee

Experience and advanced knowledge on industrial automation systems built on the basis of SIMATIC drivers allow us to conduct comprehensive S5 to S7 system migrations.

Swift modernization provides the following benefits to our clients:

  • integration of new drivers with modern data interfaces accelerates their processing
  • improved work efficiency (shorter machine cycles)
  • decreased failure rate and resulting reduction of stoppage costs
  • easy access to spare parts
  • precise diagnostics (a friendly interface and expanded diagnostic functions of the S7 system)
  • system expansion possibility
  • easier and quicker integration with new solutions in the production and IT areas

Migration from s5 to s7 system – offer

From system analysis to start-up

Our comprehensive offer includes:

  • electrical designs analysis
  • software and work algorithms analysis
  • choice of S7 modules equivalents (S5 replacements)
  • driver software migrations
  • migration and creation of new HMI/SCADA solutions
  • replacement of electrical switchboards (or their elements)
  • start-up of the machine with a new system
  • full documentation for the new system
  • warranty and post-warranty service


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