We specialize in design, implementation and management of innovative industrial automation systems and modernisation of existing installations. Moreover we offer consulting, audits, comprehensive technical support, outsourcing of dedicated employees and comprehensive investment handling.

Dynamic development of Ethernet technologies and our experience allows us to design integrated IT solutions for automatic control systems that guarantee notable benefits to our Clients in the scope of management, systematic optimisation of production processes and controlling.

Ever increasing norms for responsible business and strict legal regulations result in the necessity of parallel modernization of safety systems for the protection of life and health, environment, machines and the whole production line.

SIMATIC family by SIEMENS has been systematically evolving for the last 30 years and in the period 2003-2005 production of the popular S5 series was closed, however drivers from this series are still used in industrial automation systems worldwide.

As answer to your questions we offer professional Consulting which guarantees tangible savings, better cost-effectiveness of production processes, effective controlling and management as well as technical, organizational and safety improvements.

Comprehensive industrial automation systems

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We are a team of experienced industrial automation system experts and we guarantee 100% professionalism at every stage of cooperation – from the first consulting meeting to the final implementation of the industrial automation system, comprehensive service and technical handling of the investment.

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